Dr. Sherelene Hesse-Biber


Dr. Hesse-Biber lectures in the areas of body image and eating disorders and qualitative and mixed methods research.

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

Dr. Hesse-Biber has also been published widely on the topics of qualitative and mixed methods research, including data analysis and feminist research. She is also a co-developer of the highly acclaimed qualitative data analysis software program, HyperResearch. Presentation topics  include:

  • Analyzing Qualitative Data with or without Software
  • Putting Together your Qualitative Research Proposal: Start to Finish
  • Putting Together your Mixed Methods Research Proposal: Start to Finish
  • Doing Mixed Methods/Qualitative Research
  • Mixed and Emergent Methods
  • Feminist Approaches to Mixed Methods Research
  • Feminist Research Methods



Body Image and Eating Disorders

Dr. Hesse-Biber is a leading expert on body image and eating disorders. She has lectured and published widely in the area and has written two highly acclaimed books on this topic, The Cult of Thinness (Oxford University Press, 2007) and Am I Thin Enough Yet? (Oxford University Press, 1996), which received an award as an Outstanding Book of the Year by Choice Magazine. Topics related to body image and eating disorders include:

  • Loving Your Body in the Era of the Cult of Thinness
  • Self Esteem and Body Image Issues Among Young Adolescent Girls
  • Body Image, Eating Disorders and the Transition from High School to College
  • Trigger Factors for Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues Among Adolescent and College Aged Women
  • Webinar Series: Body Image and Eating Issues For High School Students and their Parents